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"We understand your loss"

Post-miscarriage recovery is extremely important, it is in fact considered by the TCM to be more critical than postpartum recovery. Not only the body constitution has weakened through the rigours of labour or procedure, it has also gone through psychological stress caused by the miscarriage or abortion.

A well-supported recovery diet would help to speed up healing, restore physical strength and hormonal balance.

Differences in Post-Miscarriage Conditioning

Whether it is an involuntary miscarriage or an abortion, it is vital for the patient to recuperate completely with sufficient rest and a proper recovery diet. There are different emphasis on recuperation depending on the following conditions.

Oral Abortion Drug

RU486 is an oral hormone is used to terminate a pregnancy. The focus of recovery conditioning is to adjust the hormones so that the uterine ovarian function is restored, hence reduces future gynaecological issues such as menstrual imbalances.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is the use of surgical tools or suction to destroy the endometrium and embryos in order to terminate a pregnancy. The scrapping procedure causes thinning of the endometrium and other endometrial issues. Many women may experience abnormal menstrual flow and in some cases, may lead to infertility issues. The focus of the recovery is to strengthen and nourish the blood so that the endometrium can fully recovered.

Involuntary Miscarriage

Weak body constitution, embryonic gene defects, dysplasia are some factors which may contribute to involuntary miscarriage. The focus of the recovery is to reinforce the Qi, blood, liver and kidney. Healthy flow of Qi and blood can fortify the body constitution while nourishing the liver and kidney help to strengthen the reproductive system; hence preventing any future miscarriages.

Fresh Cooked Miscarriage Recovery Meal



Specifically developed by Honorary Chairman of TCM Gynaecology in Taiwan, Dr. Xu Hui Yin. The main feature of this nutritious regimen diet, which includes exclusive recovery soups, encourages gradual recuperation and strengthening of the body constitution.


Our recovery meals allow the miscarriage woman to rest well with a peace of mind that she would be nursed back to health and regained her strength both physically and psychologically, in preparation for the next chapter of a new life.

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DIY Miscarriage Recovery Meal
Miscarriage Recovery Meal Packages
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