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Three different types of Confinement beverages, naturally rich in nutrients and vitamins, to supplement your daily fluid intake.

Specially brewed using high- pressure cooking methods, with absolutely no added sugar or artificial colours and flavour.

Individually packed for your convenience. Place unopened pouch in hot water for 3-5 minutes before consumption. Ready to drink.

Warm Red Dates Tea

Ingredients: Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water, Water, Red Jujube

Red jujube can improve the body's immunity, detoxify and protect the liver, soothe the nerves, anti-allergy and have calming effects for post-partum mothers to prevent post-natal blues.

Warm Red Dates Tea           $69   

- 10 packets per box (150 ml each)

Postpartum Thirst Quenching Tea


Ingredients:  Zi Jin Glutinous Water, Water, Trehalose, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn Berry, Aged Mandarin Orange Peel 


Cassia seed dispels heat, lower blood pressure. Hawthorn berry reduces blood stasis and lochia, abdominal pain, swelling and pain. Mandarin orange peel reduces the onsets of vomiting, indigestion, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, spleen and stomach Qi stagnation and any upper respiratory tract inflammation. Lotus leaves consist relief properties which help in thirst quenching, anti-inflammatory, eliminate swelling and heatiness.

Postpartum Thirst Quenching Tea    $69   

- 10 packets per box (150 ml each)

Youth Preserving Tea


Ingredients:  Zi Jin Glutinous Water, Water, Polygala Fallax Hemsl.

Helps to dispel wind and dampness, cleanse and nourish the blood, strengthen joints and bones. Can also treat post-partum blood deficiency, spleen edema, rheumatism and etc.

Youth Preserving Tea           $69   

- 10 packets per box (150 ml each)

Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water


Ingredients:  Japanese rice koji (Aspergillas Oryzae), Hua Lian glutinous rice and Yi Lan spring water

Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water is rich in essential amino acids, it helps to facilitate metabolism, regulates physical and physiological functions.
Appropriate for postpartum, post illness and general health maintenance. 


  • Can be consumed directly, or warm for better results.

  • Use together with the Exclusive  Soup Base

  • Use it to make dessert

  • Enjoy it as a tea

  • Use in any cooking - in stews, soups, stir-fry etc    

Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water (bottle)    $159

- 12 bottles per case (930 ml per bottle)

Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water (sachet)    $69

- 15 sachets per box (200 ml per sachet)


tonify, rejuvenate, anti-ageing

Imperial Red Jujube Tea [ suitable during pregnancy ]


Ingredients: Water, Red Jujube

Jujube is packed with natural antioxidants and provides health benefits including its ability to cleanse the blood, strengthen the immune system, protect the liver, improve the skin health, increase bone mineral density, reduce stress levels and insomnia.

Imperial Red Jujube Tea           $69   

- 10 packets per box (150 ml each)

Black Bean Water 


Ingredients: Water, Black Bean Natto

Black beans have a "king of beans" reputation, capable of promoting blood circulation, eliminating swelling, rich in high quality protein, and help to promote the flow of breast milk. It improves immunity, promotes iron absorption, prevents anaemia, promotes collagen production, and help in wound healing. 

Black bean contains powerful antioxidants which eliminate free radicals that cause early signs of aging such as wrinkles, poor skin health and complexion. It is the ideal nourishment for anyone who is seeking for youthful and beautiful skin.

Black Bean Water           $69   

- 10 packets per box (150 ml each)


Warming Tea [ not suitable during pregnancy due to 'heatiness' ]


Ingredients: ginger slices, black dates, red dates, longan pulps, brown sugar, wolfberry, white fungus.

An all-natural and tonifying tea using only top-grade ginger slices, carefully roasted at a low-temperature to reduce to one-tenth in weight, together with premium black dates, red dates, longan pulps, brown sugar, wolfberry and white fungus, all seven natural ingredients are slowly simmered to retain the unique flavour, taste and essence. Consume the tea regularly to warm up and to condition the body, as well as to boost the immunity.

Warming Tea           $69  

- 7 packets per box (80 ml each)

Herb Care Drink [ not suitable during pregnancy ]


Ingredients: Water, white hyacinth bean extract, lingzhi polysaccharides, Lalang grass rhizome, siraitia grosvenorii, houttuynia cordata, honeysuckle, poria cocos, lophatherum gracile, citrus medica sarcodactylis, tangerine peel, glycyrrhiza uralensis, mentha canadensis, rock sugar

An all-natural and tonifying drink that increases energy levels, stamina and boosts metabolism. Helps to boost immunity to fight onsets of cold symptoms and upper respiratory infections such as coughing or sneezing. 

Herb Care Drink           $109   

- 10 bottles per box (50 ml each)


Fucoidan Ginseng Drink [ not suitable during pregnancy ]


Ingredients: American ginseng extract, water, rock sugar, inulin, vegetables and fruit ferment (soybean, carrot, pineapple, orange, apple, Chinese celery, pearl barley, passion fruit, banana, sesame, mango, papaya, lemon), enoki extract (enoki polysaccharides), laminaria japonica extract (Fucoidan)

An all-natural and tonifying drink that helps to increase energy levels and stamina, fight lethargy and boost immunity.

 Fucoidan Ginseng Drink           $109   

- 10 bottles per box (50 ml each)

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