30-Day Confinement Cooked Meal Delivery (Melbourne) 30天鲜食外送月子餐 (墨尔本)

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Freshly cooked and delivered to your home every morning (1 delivery per day)

Our whole-day menu plan is guided by TCM principles of 3-stage postpartum recovery methods namely detoxification, restoration and nourishment and combine traditional and modern concepts to create a well-balanced diet plan.

Daily Meal Plan includes: 3 exclusive herbal soups, 3 healthy carbs of multi-grain rice, congee or noodle, 2 main protein dish, 2-3 servings of vegetable, 2-3 sweet soup or dessert, 1 serving of fruit and 3 different type of Confinement tea, totalling around 16-18 dishes per day.



餐点内容:每日菜单包括 3 份养生药膳汤品、3 份健康杂粮米饭、粥或面条、2 份元气美食、2-3 份蔬菜、2-3 份养颜甜汤或甜点、1 份水果及 3 款月子茶,一共16-18 件。

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