Herb Care Drink 紫金草本防护饮

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50 ml per bottle / 10 bottles per box 【1盒10瓶】

Ingredients 成分内容物:

Water, white hyacinth bean extract, lingzhi polysaccharides, Lalang grass rhizome, siraitia grosvenorii, houttuynia cordata, honeysuckle, poria cocos, lophatherum gracile, citrus medica sarcodactylis, tangerine peel, glycyrrhiza uralensis,,mentha canadensis, rock sugar (水、白扁豆萃取液、多糖体、白茅根、罗汉果、鱼腥草、金银花、茯苓、淡竹叶、佛手柑、陈皮、甘草、薄荷、冰糖)

Directions 食用方法: take 1 bottle daily after meal. Consume right after opening. This product may taste better if refrigerated. 每日1瓶,饭后饮用,开封后请尽速饮用完毕。冰凉后饮用风味更佳。

WARNING 注意事项 – For children under the age of three, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and those currently taking any medication, please consult your physician prior to taking the product. If you feel unwell or have allergic reaction after consuming this product, stop immediately. Please read product label carefully to avoid any food allergies or food intolerance.



(3) 本品含高品质多糖,若有色泽差异及沉淀物皆为自然现象,敬请安心食用。

(4) 有服用慢性病药物者、孕妇及三岁孩童以下,请先咨询专业医师意见。


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