Taste for Life 30-Day Complete Package 紫金堂 30天全面月子套餐

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30-Day Confinement programme targeting at 3 stages of recovery namely;

  1. Metabolism 代谢 - to boost metabolism, expel lochia and blood stasis 帮助代谢及排恶露
  2. Repair 修复 - to revitalise all muscle groups and restore strength 调理产后体质、达到壮腰补肾功效
  3. Nourishment 滋补 - to intensely restore and rejuvenate the entire body system 大补元气、增加产后体力

Includes 包括:

Exclusive Concentrated Soups 浓缩药膳汤包 (200 ml) x 90 packs/包

Glutinous Rice Water 月子水 (200 ml) x 90 packs/包

Warm Red Dates Tea 温润红枣茶 (150 ml) x 30 packs/包

Thirst Quenching Tea 月内止渴茶 (150 ml) x 30 packs/包

Youth Preserving Tea 月内养生茶 (150 ml) x 30 packs/包

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