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Fresh Cooked
Confinement Meal


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Highlights of Meal Plan 

Available in Melbourne Now

  • Our fresh cooked delivery meal plan is meticulously crafted by a panel of of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and nutritionists using a progressive 3-Stage postpartum recovery programme.

  • Adopting traditional Confinement practice and Western science using modern cooking methods, result in a meal plan that targets to replenish, heal and regain energy levels.

  • Combining both traditional and fusion recipes with minimal repetitions throughout the month.

  • Freshly prepared every morning using only all natural and fresh ingredients, with low sodium, less oil and no added MSG.

  • Breastfeeding friendly - Various breastmilk boosting lactogenic ingredients included in the daily menu planning.

  • The daily menu consists of 6 meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper with a total of 12 to 15 dishes everyday.

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Hi-fibre to Aid Digestion

Eating the right amount and types of carbohydrates provide energy for postpartum mothers, especially during breastfeeding, to recover and revitalise. The best sources of carbohydrates are whole grains, fruits, vegetables which are also good source of fibre.


Examples of our daily carbs include Multi-grain Rice, Pumpkin Brown Rice, Quinoa ‘Fried Rice’, Mixed Mushroom Rice, Red Glutinous Jujube Rice, Sweet Corn Brown Rice, Ginger Mee Sua, Buckwheat Noodle, Red Bean and Barley Rice, rotating and more.

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23 Unique Flavours, 3-Stage Recovery

Each unique soup incorporates different Chinese medicinal herbs and natural ingredients to assist in the respective stages of postpartum recuperation. Examples of our daily tonic soups include Sweet Dew with Tofu & Fish Slice, Chestnut& Black-eye Bean Soup with Pork Rib,Regimen Soup with Peanut and Pork Trotter,Imperial Tonic Soup with Silken Chicken,Red Vinasse & Red Bean Soup with Pork Rib, rotating and more.

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Well-balanced Food Management

Our daily menu serves up a mix of East meets West traditional and modern dishes such as Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken, Steamed Chinese Angelica Pork Rib with Jujube, Red Vinasse Fish Fillet with Okra, Steamed Pork Patties with Green Papaya, Baked Teriyaki Salmon, Egg Fuyong with Walnut and Tomato, Braised Seafood with Broccoli in Porcini Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork Rib, Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar and Ginger, rotating and more.



Supplement daily need of Calcium, Iron and Vitamins

A daily serving of vegetable and fruit from different coloured groups provides a wider variety of vitamins and minerals. Examples are Chinese Yam with Red Jujube, Tri-colour Capsicums with Assorted Nuts, XO Okra, Stir-fry Cabbage & Shrimp, Salted Egg Yolk Melon and Yam, Bok Choy in Pumpkin Sauce, Stir-fry Red Spinach with Enoki Mushroom and Silver Fish, Broccolini with Sweet Sesame Dressing, Stir-fry Choy Sum with Dried Bean Curd, Boiled Spinach Ohitashi, rotating and more。

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Healthy treats to satisfy the most discerning taste-buds

Examples of our low sugar and guilt free desserts include Red Bean Soup with Ginger, Fig and Pear Dessert, Cream of Black Sesame Dessert, Japanese Cheesecake, Sweet Potato & Ginger Dessert, Cream of Almond Dessert, Ginger Milk Curd Dessert, Longan and Walnut Muffins, Peanut Jujube Soup with Green Papaya Dessert, Red Date and Osmanthus Jelly,Peach Gum with Snow Fungus Sweet Dessert, rotating and more.

Fresh Cooked Confinement Meal Delivery Packages

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