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Our exclusive Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water is packed with 22 types of useful body absorbable amino acids and is recommended to be taken during Confinement and postpartum period, end of menstruation and for post-surgical recovery.


It can be consumed directly or used for cooking such as soups, stews and desserts. 

12 Bottles Package   $159

930 ml per bottle

1 Box of 15 packets     $69

200 ml per packet

Won the "SNQ National Quality Award-Nutrition and Health Food"

Made from strictly selected Japanese rice yeast, Hua Lian glutinous rice and Yi Lan spring water. Adopting traditional Eastern methods of brewing, fermentation but utilising the modern Western  automated distillation process. Contains no alcohol, artificial chemical additives, artificial flavouring and colouring.

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Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water is rich in essential amino acids, including: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine (only for children). "Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water” can facilitate metabolism, adjust physique, and regulate physiological functions. Nourish body; enhance physical strength, and health maintenance. Appropriate for postpartum or post illness nourishment.


Each person requires 22 kinds of amino acids on a daily basis, amino acids has a major role in the body including:
1. Providing nutrients to body
2. Regulating endocrine system balance
3. Enhancing immunity
4. Maintaining cardiovascular function
5. Improving liver and kidney function
6. Reducing any damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy
7. Promoting hormonal balance
8. Promoting protein synthesis

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