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​Supportive Waistband

Confinement Bath Pack

Mammary Massage Comb


Cindora Sesame Ointment

Cindora Sesame Ointment is made of carefully selected top-grade virgin cold-pressed sesame oil as a base,  together with other all natural ingredients such as Oat Kernel Oil and organic calendula oil, to protect you and your loved ones. It soothes the skin, gently repairs, moisturises dry and sensitive skin, suitable for the whole family from babies to adults.


The pure natural ingredients can be used to prevent mosquito and bug bites while doing outdoor activities and also gentle enough to be used for diaper rash. It is a must-have for every household.

     $35 per box

Recommended for:

- Dry Skin

- Insect Bites

- Diaper Rash

- Mosquito Bites



Natural Oil, Oat Kernel Oil, Purple Grassroot Extract, Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil, Myrrh, Organic Flower Oil.


Easy To Carry / Travel Size.


Vegan Product.

Organic Ingredients.

Safe for Baby and Kids.

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