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​Supportive Waistband

Confinement Bath Pack

Mammary Massage Comb



Patented non-allergenic material is soft, comfortable to wear and totally supportive.


Can be worn around the clock due to the flexibility from the split-sectional design. Other benefits include thermal retention, yet not too warm to cause discomfort and skin irritation.


Helps to soothe any sore or ache on the back.

     $109 each


  1. Open up and lay the waistband flat on the bed. Lie down flat on the centre position of the waistband, ensuring that the   bottom of waistband is aligned with the middle of your hip.

  2. Place the non-stretching part of the waistband “① fixed area” over to your abdomen and hold it in place with one hand.

  3. Now use your other hand to pull over the ②lower stretching band and secure it in place. Make sure it is tight enough to provide sufficient support but comfortable at the same time.

  4. Now secure the ③upper stretching band in place. You may want to adjust only the upper band to your comfort throughout the day (e.g. during breastfeeding or after each meal)


Washing instructions:

  • Use neutral detergent and water under 30°C 

  • Do not use bleach, iron, or clothes dryer.

  • Place in cool area for air-dry.

​Product Video Demonstration (in Mandarin)

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