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​Supportive Waistband

Confinement Bath Pack

Mammary Massage Comb



Contains a special mixture of natural Chinese herbal ingredients including Ai Ye (Mugwort) which is known to get rid of dampness in the body due to excessive perspirations and capable of keeping the body warm. It is effective in closing up pores to avoid ‘wind’ entering the body and also relaxes the muscles, joints and promotes blood circulations.


The bath mixture also helps to reduce any skin allergies, itch and effectively disinfects and heals wounds from C-sectional surgery and perineum tear from natural labour. 

    5 bags / pack     $49




Add about 2 litre of hot water to a big tub, and then add in 1 Herbal Bath Pack.

Wait for few minutes until the water turns light brown, then take out the herbal pack.


Add appropriate amount of water to the temperature that is warm to the touch but not too hot.


Use it to wash hair, body or to apply as heat compress.


This Herbal Bath Package can be used up to 3 times.


For repeated use, squeeze off excess water and put Herbal Bathing Package into the fridge after it has cooled down.

(This Herbal Bathing Package is made from natural herbs without any preservatives, please store it properly)

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