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Black Bean Natto Extract


Black beans have a "king of beans" reputation, capable of promoting blood circulation, eliminating swelling, rich in high quality protein, and help to promote the flow of breast milk.

From nutritional point of view, black bean’s high-quality protein can help milk secretion for postpartum lactation mothers. Vitamin C can improve immunity, promote iron absorption, prevent anaemia, promote collagen production, and help in wound healing. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation.


Black bean natto extract has light brown colour, slightly salty and umami; rich amino acids make the soup with rich meat flavour and natural sweetness. It is also commonly known as the vegetarian 'Chicken Essence'.

Beetroot Extract

Beetroot is the product of western and southern Europe sea coast. It is the "natural multi-vitamin” in the Western context and is known to have the same status as the precious “Ganoderma” – Lingzhi/Reishi in TCM. Rich in vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B12, dietary fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc to promote gastrointestinal motility and adjust the intestinal function which helps in digestion. Best for women with Yin properties such as cold hand, feet and pale face.
By using high-tech biotechnology extraction, the precious vitamins and nutrients of the selected local organic beetroots are well retained. For example, the contained “ferrous iron’ in the beetroot extract at this state is best absorbed by the body.

Kelp Extract & Himalayas Rose Sea Salt

Kelp is known as 'sea vegetable', as it is rich in iron and calcium which can replenish blood and promote strong bones. D-Mannitol is diuretic and can eliminate edema (water retention). Its unique flavour can increase the ingredients’ sweetness. High in fibre and low in calories, it promotes metabolism, beauty and weight control.


Himalayas rose salt is has high texture density, 100% natural, no colouring, no processing, containing many essential trace minerals, soluble calcium ions, particularly rich in natural iron. A little of this ruby gem adds natural flavour to the soups.

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