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Q: Is there any difference between Taste for Life Confinement meals and the other brands?

A: Yes, most of the products in the market are pre-packed dried herbs, ours are individually packed concentrated soup using high hydrostatic pressure cooking methods to retain all nutrient and vitamins.

Q: How do I ensure that the herbs used in your products are safe?
A: The most common concerns on Chinese herbs are the presence of pesticide, mineral or metal residues. All of the herbs used in our products passed through the stringent SGS251 Pesticide Residue Test.
The Central Kitchen in Taiwan is accredited with double verification of internationally recognised HACCP and ISO22000, with high standard of food safety, hygience and food processing facilities.

Q: Everyone is different, how do I know if your Confinement soups are suitable for my condition?
A: Based on the feedback and testimonials from more than 100,000 customers from different physical health conditions, our Research & Development department teamed up with a panel of Chinese Medicine Practitioners and nutritionists in creating a systemised Regimen Diet based on 25 selected soup types, which suit most post-partum conditioning and recuperation.

Q: What is the difference in the cooking methods between traditional herbal soups and Taste for life DIY Confinement Soups?
A: Traditional herbal soup usually requires long hours of brewing since they consist mostly dried herbs. Our Exclusive Concentrated Soups are already pressure-cooked using HPP (High Pressure Processing) methods and packaged individually using premium quality pouch to ensure all nutrients and vitamins are retained. It is very convenient and easy to prepare, only requires 8-10 minutes to cook each soup.

Q: Do I have to follow the daily menu strictly? What if I miss a meal?
A: The menu is specifically designed to promote complete recuperation using the 3-Stage Progressive Recovery concept, namely, Metabolism, Repair and Nourishment. Follow the menu to ensure best results and speedy recuperation.
If you miss a meal, just put aside the soup and go on with the menu as usual. You can consume the rest of the soups you missed after you complete the regimen.

Q: Why do I have to consume 3 soups a day, will I get bored?
A: The serving of a traditional herbal pack is usually to make a big pot of soup for a day’s consumption; which means you will be eating the same soup for all 3 meals. With Taste for Life, there is a rotation of 23 different soup types and a variety of suggested ingredients to add in, each meal will be different, freshly cooked and appetising.

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